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HINDUSTAN Anthracite Lampshade

HINDUSTAN Anthracite Lampshade

$ 184.00

Representing the intricate and fascinating corners of India, the HINDUSTAN lampshade is a true marvel in its own rights. Against a black background, the design is printed on linen, the lampshade is finished with beaded fringes and metallic gold lining.

Premium quality drum and cone lampshades decorated with printed fabrics. We use only pure linen digitally printed with eco friendly inks. Our shades are reinforced with hidden metallic frames. To add a touch of luxury we use gold and copper metallic lining, creating an accent lighting piece. To be used only with lamp bases.

Lampshades come in different sizes:
- 35cm diameter x 22cm height - drum shade
- 45cm diameter x 28cm height - drum shade
- 55cm diameter x 30cm height - drum shade
- 25 x 35cm diameter x 25cm height - cone shades
- 35 x 45cm diameter x 30cm height - cone shades
- 45 x 55cm diameter x 35cm height - cone shades


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