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Made To Order Policy

Many of Luxe Furniture Inc's products are Made-To-Order (MTO) items, this includes but is not limited to, ALL LUCITE ITEMS and any other items that are manufactured individually according to an item listing's standard size, or the customer's exact specifications on size. Due to this custom nature, MTO items are very expensive to manufacture. To ensure delivery of the desired product(s) in the shortest lead time, production is started 24 hours after order acceptance. Luxe Furniture's executive's, sales team, managers, employees, craftsmen, and fabricators immediately begin processes that directly relate to the production of the MTO item(s), as well as, costly materials ordered to fabricate such product(s). Hence, any change or cancellation of an order made after production commences will cause substantial disruption to our business, production, and working capital. As a result, Luxe Furniture Inc will incur significant costs. After 24 hours, all of these associated costs are the financial responsibility of the customer.

Luxe Furniture Inc thus stipulates the policy for changing/cancelling all Made-To-Order (MTO) items to minimize such occurrence as follows:

Cancellation requests must be made in writing and emailed to Cancellation is not guaranteed and subject to an executive's approval. Cancellation of an order by the Customer after 24 hours of order confirmation will be subject to a 50% Cancellation Fee of the item's invoice total, as well as, credit card processing fees. Please note, that if you cancel your order after 24 hours, and the cancellation is approved by our executive department, you will receive a refund of 50% of the total order less credit card processing fees.

Please note that this cancellation policy applies to all Made-To-Order (MTO) items including items stored outside of the Luxe Furniture Inc Showroom or Warehouse.

It is highly advised to reach out via email, phone, or text to inquire about a specific items lead time. Lead times are always estimated and never guaranteed. Too many factors are involved in manufacturing and delivering these high end products to our clients. Changing/cancelling an order is difficult because production commences 24 hours after an order's acceptance, and is considered strictly on a case by case basis. Luxe Furniture Inc accepts changes or cancellation within 24 hours of order confirmation free of charge. Luxe Furniture Inc's policies are binding. By placing an order, customer acknowledges, accepts and agrees to abide by these policies.

Please note, any attempt by the Customer to bypass these policies via the customer's credit card company will be considered fraud on behalf of the customer. Luxe Furniture Inc hereby notifies the Customer that Luxe Furniture Inc, a federally registered corporation, will pursue payment/repayment to the fullest extent to re-coup any and all losses, by any means necessary, and will include, but not limited to, filing a criminal report, lien, and civil action against the customer, the customer's credit card company, or both. All orders processed on are considered a legally binding contract between Luxe Furniture Inc and the customer. By placing an order on, customer agrees to all Luxe Furniture Inc's Order Policies and accepts these Terms of Sale.

Approved returns of MTO items and ALL LUCITE ITEMS are subject to this cancellation policy.